Our History

The "Dramaturgy" of Oregon Thespians

Oregon Thespians' has a long history. We want to document it here and your help is needed! Westview HS Troupe 5350 Troupe Director and former Chapter Director CJ Hindman is currently looking for information and photographs to document Oregon Thespians' history. The information will be detailed here in a timeline of highlights. If you have anything you can add to this information about our organization, please contact CJ at carolyn_hindman@beaverton.k12.or.us.

Watch this short informative video on the Educational Theatre Association's YouTube channel to learn more about the founding of the International Thespian Society in 1929.


The Early Years


Oregon Thespians was started in YEAR HERE by group NAMES HERE.

More information here about the first state event.


Years of Growth


More information here about the growth of state events.


New Millenium of Changes


More information here about the growth of state events.