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Oregon Junior Thespians

Junior Thespian troupes can be started in any school that includes combinations of grades 6, 7, and 8, and has a theatre program of any kind! Students earn points just like the HS Thespians, and can also participate in a variety of events each year.


Junior Thespian Events


Instant Theatre!

The Instant Theatre Festival is a unique “competition” that provides the opportunity for students to meet and work with others from across the state in either performance or design.

Junior Play Day

Junior Play day happens in January, and is a fun event just for Middle School theatre students. Students are put into teams and recreate well known stories based on a theme.

Junior Day at State

Workshops, performances, and fun! Junior Thespians participate in this one day state festival in a variety of workshops presented by local, regional, and national theatre artists!

Junior State
Thespian Officers

Voice for Middle School Thespians



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