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Our Mission

The Oregon Chapter of the Educational Theatre Association, home of the International Thespian Society, is a nonprofit organization that inspires and supports theatre educators to deliver equitable, transformative learning experiences for all.


Our Vision

Making Theatre Arts Accessible

Cultivating theatre education across Oregon, by building a global community of creative problem solvers, effective collaborators, and empathetic individuals through theatre.


Our Values

People matter
Strive for excellence
Work together
Be the person you want to work with


Our Purposes

The purposes of OREGON THESPIANS are:

For theatre education throughout Oregon, as Thespians, we collaborate in a community with theatre students, teachers, and partners committed to the importance of educational theatre to lead, learn, and thrive through the following purposes:

  1. …provide and support opportunities to empower each other’s growth as artists through participation in educational theatre events and programs; and create dynamic student experiences to drive lifelong engagement

  2. …inspire student leadership and honor student voices;

  3. …foster adult leadership and provide shared resources and support through professional development;

  4. ...invest in the individual and collective growth and excellence of theatre educators;

  5. offer recognition of and endow scholarships to advance excellence in theatre education;

  6. invest in, advocate for, and amplify the value of theatre education that creates an accepting and encouraging support system at the school, district, community, and state level; and

  7. ….employ transparent practices and laser focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA). Oregon Thespians will be a model organization that represents our state’s diverse student body in educational justice that believes theatre is the vehicle for social change.


Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging Action Plan

Oregon Thespians is the Oregon Chapter of the Educational Theatre Association.


EdTA's Anti-Racist Statement and DEIA Action Plan can be found on the website.

Oregon Thespians DEIA Plan 2023-2027

"Respecting the Past. Being Future Focused." --Sharon Kneebone, CAE, Executive Director
National Society for Histotechnology

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