Junior Day at State

On the Friday of our State Thespian Festival, Junior Thespians are invited to join us for a full day of workshops and activities!

Junior Thespians participate in Junior Thespians Day at State from 10am-4pm on the Friday of Thespians State Festival. Students participate in four workshops with local, regional, and national artists.

Sample Schedule

10-10:30 Check In and Welcome

10:30-11:10- Workshop #1

11:15- 11:55- Workshop #2

Noon-12:40 - Lunch A OR Workshop #3

12:45-1:25 - Lunch B OR Workshop #3

1:30-2:15 - Workshop #4

2:30-4 - Closing and Performances

Registration Opens in mid-February.


Junior State Day SOP

Below is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual for Junior State Day. This document can be printed and added to a hardcopy manual, if desired. Check the date of any hardcopies you have. Below is the most current version.

Also available is the HOW TO guide for Hosts, or those considering hosting.


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