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Elijah Castillo.png

ACMA - Junior

I would like to make a series of interviews of BIPOC artists in the theatre industry, and at the end of the year at State, I would bring them all together as a panel. I think it would be very interesting to hear about the professional experience of people involved with theatre, how being a person of color has affected that experience, and having them answering questions anyone has for them.

Magbee Herold.png

Parkrose HS - Senior

I want to make sure everyone has access to Oregon Thespians events. I would facilitate a live stream that shows any ceremonies or group events of Oregon Thespians gatherings. Students would have the ability to cheer on peers from home.


Serena Mason

Rex Putnam HS - Senior

My platform is a social media campaign highlighting mental health. I will put out an educational slide post each month and host a mental health forum at State.

Hailey McCollum.png

Newberg HS - Senior

My platform this year is all about body positivity! I plan to host talks once a month and post interviews on IG TV with other plus size/mid size Thespians, and make educational posts about what it's like and how to normalize and support each other surrounding this topic.

Sidney Palmer.png

Oregon City HS - Senior

My platform is focused on helping rebuild theatre departments that have been badly affected by the pandemic. I will host president meetings once a month where troupes discuss their needs along with what each troupe is succeeding at. I will connect experienced troupes with troupes in need to help each other out.

Hannah Sasek.png

Canby HS - Junior

I will more effectively provide opportunities for and include Thespians with disabilities in Oregon Thespians events, as well as productions at their schools. Examples: Disability awareness workshop at State, highlight stories of ableism in theatre spaces (platform for folx to share their experiences), and making theatre accessible physically.


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