21/22 STO Candidates



State Thespian Officers

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Meridian Lattig 

Canby HS - Junior

Twitter Liaison
I will be starting a Thespian Pen Pal program! Letters are more personal than social media, and they promote Thespian ideals such as patience and developing understanding of other school's cultures. Thespian Pen Pals will strengthen communication between troupes, help troupes with resources, and create long-lasting friendships.


Wilsonville HS - Junior

ITSLC Committee Rep


I plan to hold a workshop at State in 2021 based on Disability Inclusion. This workshop will be how to create platforms for members of our society with physical, intellectual, and invisible disabilities. With this, I aim to empower students with disabilities, give them the voice they deserve, and give them a place in school where they belong.


Serena Mason

Rex Putnam HS - Sophomore

I plan to create after school programs for middle schools and high schools without theatre programs. These will include a lot of activities you'd find in an acting class. I will include outreach plans for troupes to facilitate these programs so they can help schools in need.


South Salem HS - Junior

I will spotlight student knowledge from across Oregon through our YouTube channel. This will showcase masterclass style videos specific to HS Theatre productions.


Beaverton HS - Sophomore

I will empower Thespians to use their love of theatre to facilitate change in their communities. Through their chosen platform of theatre, I will help troupes educate their communities on important issues including the Holocaust, LGBTQ+, gun violence, and more.


Mountainside HS - Junior

I will establish "Theatre Bridges" where high school theatre programs partner with their feeder middle schools. This will help get our Junior Thespians involved, build personal connections, and will grow our high school programs in the future by making HS Theatre seem less intimidating.


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