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State Thespian Officers

Take a moment to read over our platforms! If you would like to get involved with one of our projects, please click the STO's name and send us an email!

Kristin Bauzon

McMinnville HS - Troupe #1222
She/Her - Senior

I love my dog Dexter, I love painting, drawing, journalism, and of course -  theatre! Plus, there's a special place in my heart for all the technicians out there. My platform is about advocating for and recognizing those in the creative design community for Thespian productions. I hope to raise the voices of anyone and everyone in that string of visual arts, ranging from makeup crew all the way to scenic design.

Kiele Jarnagan_edited.jpg

McNary HS - Troupe #1501
She/Her - Senior

I love to read, write, sing, and act! My favorite musical would have to be Little Shop of Horrors. I want to hold Zoom meetings every month all based on playwriting. I want Thespians to have a place where they can express themselves and try out a different area of theatre.

Brittany Komes

Central HS - Troupe #7938
She/Her - Junior

I do 3 styles of dance, I have 12 allergies, and I have a bunny! I’ve been theatre for 5 years, and my favorite show is Criminal Minds. My platform is to create a guidebook to help energize new troupes as well as revitalize existing ones. This will include things such as positions and their responsibilities, activity ideas, agenda layouts, etc. I want to provide a place for troupes to ask questions and get help with running their own school boards.


McKay HS - Troupe #1981
She/They - Junior

Theatre truly helped me through a lot that I was struggling with. I absolutely fell in love with theatre. I strive for more representation for POC and myself as a Hispanic woman who comes from a low income school and want everyone regardless of gender, race, or any type of background to get the same opportunities. I would like to continue those BITOC conversations and have a support system for those students of color and have them feel welcomed and supported within the program.

David Stephens

Roosevelt HS - Troupe #7289
He/Him - Senior

I have been involved in theatre since third grade, and look forward to spending this year getting to know our community even better. My platform is an interactive online map that will include show dates and more from all of our wonderful troupes.

Piper Strickland

McMinnville HS - Troupe #1222
They/Them - Senior

My three favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice (2005), Dead Poets Society, and Legally Blonde. My platform is to focus on the niche aspects of technical theatre and to raise interest in jobs that aren’t as prominent in high school programs.

STO 22-23_edited.jpg

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