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State Thespian Officers

Take a moment to read over our platforms! If you would like to get involved with one of our projects, please click the STO's name and send us an email!


West Linn HS - Troupe #1915
She/Her - Senior

As an STO, I would like to promote deeper equity for people of color inside of the Thespians organization. Thespians over the years has undoubtedly become more inclusive, but I believe there is still work that could be done. I will make sure that people of all backgrounds get the opportunities that they deserve. My starting action would be working to make it so a person cannot perform pieces written specifically for a race or ethnicity that is not their own. I will talk to the people who create the rules for each regional event to make this a regulation. I will ensure there are monitors making sure that pieces that aren't in compliance won't be performed. I would start this process with Oregon Thespians in hopes of bringing it to the International level so the equity is spread to thespians everywhere. Through these actions, we will be able to create an improved thespian community. I would begin working towards this goal starting May of this year in order to finish before the Regionals events take place in 2024.


Wells HS - Troupe #1896
She/Her - Junior

My goal is to connect theatre departments together and build more community among other schools in an artistic way. My steps I will be taking for this goal is reaching out to the Thespian boards, as well as schools and troupes that will participate. Connection with others who get what we do is so important and helps us build a community where we feel heard, safe, seen, and supported.

Hamsatou Hamma.jpeg

Mountainside HS - Troupe #8602
She/Her - Senior

My platform is to ensure that people of color are provided the same opportunities as their white counterparts. As a women of color leader in a predominantly white space, I want make sure that we are always looking for ways to improve and include people of color into our spaces. By having open dialogue, and through trial and error, I hope to make an impact by pushing out the voices of people of color as we are so drastically underrepresented in the world of performing arts.

Imogen Long.jpeg

Newberg HS - Troupe #368
She/Her - Senior

My goal is to provide more resources/awareness of mental health services to troupes and Thespians. Not only that, but I want to provide important ways to keep healthy, especially while doing theatre, like Instagram posts sharing reminders on listening to your body, how to connect with your mind, and reminding people that it's okay to reach out if they need help, and more! I ALSO WANT TO START A SUPPORT GROUP. Fun fact: there are a lot of interesting worthwhile studies on theatre arts and mental health!


McKay HS - Troupe #1981
She/Her - Senior

My specific goal for this year is continuing to grow our bonding within your own troupes. I believe that Thespis is a huge way for our Thespians to continue to grow their leadership skills and with that being said, I would push towards the growth of troupes by creating monthly troupe president meetings online which would be accessible to everyone. I would like to collaborate with other STOs to come in and teach a lesson every month, as well as updating them on events or helping people with any issues troupe-wise that we can all discuss and continuing the BITOC conversations, pushing towards an even larger groups and more recognition towards our BIPOC Thespians.

IMG_7282 2_edited.jpg

Beaverton HS - Troupe #1634
She/Her - Senior

As a STO, I want to work on bridging troupes together so that there is a connection between troupes established throughout the year, and even more so by the time we get to statewide events. I would like to host an opportunity at Thespis: a Leadership Summit and State Festival for people from different troupes to bond with each other, meet new people, and ask questions from other troupes. At the end of the day, I want to see the Oregon Thespian community develop, so that all troupes can feel supported with the help that they need.

STO 23-24.jpg

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