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Oregon Thespians Thespy Competition

The Regional Acting Competition is the largest Oregon Thespians event, involving a large number of students participating in three regions around the state. In the context of Oregon Thespians’ annual roster of events, this is the first step in a student’s effort to be selected to participate in the State Thespian Excellence (Thespys™) Showcase during the State Festival, and qualify to participate in the International Thespian Excellence Awards Showcase auditions at the International Thespian Festival in June.

Schools participate in one of three regional events: Northwest, Northeast, and Southern. The dividing line between the North and South is the 45th parallel (just north of Salem). The dividing line in the North between the East and West is Interstate 5. Schools can only participate outside their region by special arrangement (due to transportation issues, for instance).

NOTE: As of 2016, all Portland Public Schools participate in the Northwest Regional, regardless of their location in the Metro Area.


Regionals 2020

The 2020 Regional Acting Competitions are on February 1

NW at Mountainside HS

NE at Rex Putnam HS

S at Central HS 


Drop/Add deadline is January 23.

Ensure accurate registration information with your troupe BEFORE registering as changes and drops will incur fees, and cause difficulties with coordinating this complex event at three locations. Thank you for your attention to detail.

Oregon adheres closely to the International Thespian Society’s International Thespian Excellence Awards Program Guide.  Students are strongly encouraged to consult the  guide as they select material, paying particular attention to specific requirements for eligible scenes, monologues, and musical selections.

Registration is done online. When registering for the Regional Acting Competition, you will be providing numbers of entries and numbers of participants. Before you go online to register, make sure you know how many entries you have in each event, and also how many Thespians and Non-Thespians are in each entry. Thespians pay $10 per event they enter.  Non-Thespians pay $12 per event they enter.  You will be asked to list the name and membership number of each inducted Thespian Member you are registering.  Double check your numbers. You will be responsible for paying for all participants, even if you show up with fewer than you register. Please review entry limits for participants as well as schools.


Thespy Events: Performance

Current Ballots




There are 8 non-musical event categories: Solo Acting (Novice and Experienced), Duet Acting (Comic and Dramatic, Novice and Experienced), Group Acting, and Pantomime. There are 4 musical event categories: Solo, Duet, Small Group and Large Group.

In each category other than Novice, the top 10% scoring entries (or a minimum of 2) in each region are named Showcase Qualifiers and are invited to advance to the State Individual Events Showcase auditions at the State Festival. In Novice categories, only 1 top scoring entry advances. In each category, the next 10% (or those remaining in the top 20%) are recognized as Regional Finalists.

Students who would like to be eligible to participate in the International Thespian Excellence Awards Showcase (Thespys™) should consult the specific EdTA guidelines at as some rules vary.  Performance rights or waivers are required at the National level.  EdTA has published helpful information online.  CLICK HERE for more information.

While the day is structured around competition, the spirit of the day is focused on recognition of quality student work, and constructive feedback from qualified adjudicators.


Thespy Events: Design/Tech

Early Entry Design/Tech Feedback Before State

Students who plan to enter in a Design/Tech Category at State can bring (or send) their entry to Regionals, where it will receive initial feedback.

If you would like to participate in the Early Entry Design/Tech Feedback program, you need to register your involvement with your Troupe’s Regionals registration.  Then, you just need to get your entry to your Regionals site.  More information will be sent to those who register.

This remains an entirely optional opportunity, as we continue to explore the possibilities of a Design/Tech presence on the Regional level.

Click here for complete DESIGN/TECH ENTRY information

Optional Design/Tech Theatre Feedback at Regionals:

Judges will provide feedback to Design/Tech competitors based on each event’s requirements. It is meant to provide student designers with an opportunity to get initial feedback on their completed projects, for both required elements and their design, PRIOR to submitting it for actual competition at State.

You are NOT required to submit work at Regionals for feedback in order to compete at State. You MAY compete at State WITHOUT submitting work at Regionals. Regionals is ONLY meant for additional feedback PRIOR to submitting your work for actual judging.

If you are planning to compete at State in Design/Tech Theatre, you may submit your completed project by Regionals to get feedback from a judge who will be using the State rubric. Then, you will have time between Regionals and State to work on your project and submit the final design for actual judging at State.

  • Regionals will NOT be a State qualifier for Design/Tech, only feedback.

  • You do NOT have to submit designs at Regionals in order to compete at State.

  • Each Troupe is limited to 3 entries per Tech Event.

  • Judging will take place at State for National qualifying.

  • If you pay for Regional feedback, you do NOT pay again at State.

Each entry is $10 for Thespians, $12 for Non-Thespians.

If you are interested in qualifying your entry for Nationals, you should review the documents located at THIS EDTA SITE.


Regionals Standard Operating Procedures

To the right is the Standard Operating Guide for Regionals. This document can be printed and added to a hardcopy manual, if desired. Check the date of any hardcopies you have. Below is the most current version.

Also available is the HOW TO guide for Hosts, or those considering hosting.

Highlights from the SOP:

  • If you are planning to participate in International Thespian Excellence Awards at the International Thespian Festival, review the documents found in EdTA’s Thespys™ Library located here.

  • Pantomime is not a National Event, though we will still have it in Oregon.

  • Similarly, there is only Group Musical at that National level, with no distinction between Large or Small.

  • See Thespys™ Events--performance and Thespys™ Events--design/tech for event ballots (i.e. rubrics), developed by EdTA for use at Nationals.

  • All performers need to dress in “professional blacks,” consistent with the requirements at Nationals and at many other state’s events. This requirement is the same as any other rule/guideline to which students are expected to adhere, with respect to consequences. Students can still perform for feedback, but may not advance.

  • Students will continue to qualify to participate in Thespys™ by receiving one overall Superior Rating at Regionals or State (on the newest ballot).

  • Furniture allotments are as follows:  Solo events have only 1 chair; Duo events have 2 chairs; Group events have up to 6 chairs and a table.  The table is intended to be used as a table, not a platform or flat.  In Oregon, we consider Pantomime to be a Group event.

  • Reminder/Clarification: Material must be published and written for the STAGE only, no film or other source media will be permitted. Song cycles fall into the permitted category if they were written for the stage (and are published).

  • Clarification: A student may participate in more than one musical event (max 2), but not in more than one entry per any given musical event.


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