Student Leadership

Oregon Thespians value student voice, and promote active leaders.

STATE THESPIAN OFFICERS and JUNIOR STATE THESPIAN OFFICERS serve as student representatives and leaders of events throughout the year. Our STO/JSTO are elected at each year’s State Festival.

Current STO

Aaron Ballew, South Medford HS

Trevor Leeper, Redmond HS

Alex Mehigan, Rex Putnam HS

Mikaela Ochocki (Chair), Wilsonville HS

Steven Pendleton, Milwaukie HS

Jonathan Bennett Watson, Southridge HS

Current JSTO from Patton Middle School

Eowyn Clayton

Andrea Guzman

Ella Weinreb


Incoming 20/21 STO

Congratulations to our newly elected STO who start their one-year term in May 2020

(alphabetical order by last name): 

Meridian Lattig, Junior, Canby HS

Cormac Lister, Junior, Wilsonville HS

Serena Mason, Sophomore, Rex Putnam HS

Hunter Miller, Junior, South Salem HS

Serena Mlodinoff, Sophomore, Beaverton HS

Mary Weathers, Junior, Mountainside HS


More About Thespian Student Leadership

THESPIAN TROUPE OFFICERS (TTO) & JUNIOR THESPIAN TROUPE OFFICERS (JTTO) serve as student representatives at the school level. Significant leadership opportunities exist at the Troupe level for students to have a profound impact on the success of their school’s theatre program. Oregon Thespians recognizes the importance of these Troupe-level leaders by providing leadership training.

STATE THESPIAN OFFICERS (STO) & JUNIOR STATE THESPIAN OFFICERS (JSTO) are elected at each year’s State Festival to serve as student representatives, and provide leadership at all Thespian Events throughout the year.

INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN OFFICERS (ITO) are elected to represent their region at the International Thespian Festival each June.  For more information on the ITO selection process, click here.

OREGON THESPIANS is a Student-Centered organization, and is governed by a Board of Troupe Directors who work with the Chapter Director to organize and implement opportunities for students throughout the year.

This Board is joined by six STO who serve as student representatives, along with an STO Chair, when possible, who may be selected from the previous year’s STO.

State Thespian Officers must be inducted members of the International Thespian Society and are expected to attend up to five Board meetings a year, as well as the major Oregon Thespian events (Camp Thespis: A Leadership Summit, Instant Theatre, Regionals, and State, and attend the weeklong leadership workshop if attending ITF).

The initial STO application deadline is March 1.  See the application for additional subsequent deadlines in the candidacy process.


Apply to be a STO

Deadline to Apply is March 1

Preview of Application

Application DUE March 1

Recommendation Form

To be filled out by TDs, Parent/Guardian, Counselor, and one other refrence.


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