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As a theatre educator, when you charter an official Thespian Troupe  at your school, you become a member of the Educational Theatre Association, home of the International Thespian Society, and the Oregon Chapter of EdTA/ITS. You can find more information about joining by clicking here. If you are not affiliated with a school, you can become a member at large.

As a student, you can join Oregon Thespians when you earn 100 hours, or 10 points, of educational theatre service and being inducted into the International Thespian Society through your school’s troupe. Click here to find out more information about starting a high school troupe at your school if you don’t have one yet.


High School
Thespian Events


Camp Thespis: A Leadership Summit

The specific agenda of Camp Thespis is to allow campers to learn their role as a Thespian Troupe Officer and their own personal leadership style, understand how to work with other leaders in their troupe, practice problem-solving through a variety of challenges, and make plans for the coming year, including troupe goal-setting. In general, camp is meant to be more “nuts and bolts” for Troupe Officers at the school level. It should result in officers understanding their role as a leader, specific goals to be determine by each troupe, plans for the coming year, and determining the representatives attending Leadership Summit, who are prepared to share the troupe goals and connect them with the state goals at the state event. Also, State Thespian Officers share their goals.

Instant Theatre!

The Instant Theatre Festival is a unique “competition” that provides the opportunity for students to meet and work with others from across the state in either performance or design.

College Auditions

This event is for HS Seniors who wish to audition for performing arts colleges and universities.


The Regional Acting Competition is the largest Oregon Thespians event, involving a large number of students participating in three regions around the state. In the context of Oregon Thespians’ annual roster of events, this is the first step in a student’s effort to be selected to participate in the State Thespian Excellence (Thespys™) Showcase during the State Festival, and qualify to participate in the International Thespian Excellence Awards Showcase auditions at the International Thespian Festival in June.

State Festival

The State Festival is the signature event for Oregon Thespians. It is attended by over 1500 theatre students and teachers from around the state and features several main stage productions, dozens of one act plays, workshops and presentations.