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Junior Play Day

Any Middle School (6-8 grade) is invited to join us for a day of theatre play! You do not need to be a Thespian Troupe! This is a ‘learn about Thespians’ day, but also to foster community in our middle school theatre programs. Students will get a chance to see kids from other schools, and build relationships based on theatre.

General Schedule of the Day

9:30-10am Registration Packet Pick up

10:00 Formal welcome from host school, State Board Liaison, and STO

10:45-12 Student Group Session and Teacher Networking

                TD Meeting (discuss State and Future Junior Events)

12-12:45 Lunch and Mini Performances

                Troupe Rep Meeting

12:45-1:45 Student Group Session

1:45-2 Bathroom Break

2-3:30 Present Scenes 

3:30-4 Closing and Student Networking


Junior Thespys™ (formerly known as IEs) for Junior Thespians. $5 per person, per entry. Details within the registration form.

(*Please note: Starting in 2021, this event will have a small fee of $10 per officially inducted Junior Thespians and $12 for Non-Jr. Thespians to cover the cost of facility, food, and judges. Thank you for understanding!)


Junior Play Day SOP

Operating Procedures for this Event

A manual on hosting this event.