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Awards, Grants, Scholarships, and Honors

Financial Awards and Honor Recognition

Each year, Oregon Thespians awards, grants, scholarships and honors opportunities recognize accomplishments, grant financial assistance to attend events or further educational endeavors, provide scholarships to further education, and honor the achievements of individuals and theatre programs.

Awards are presented in recognition of notable accomplishments by individuals or theatre programs.

Grants are one-time financial awards presented to individuals or troupes to attend Oregon Thespian events such as the State Festival.

Scholarships are presented to students to cover tuition and fees, typically based on a combination of merit and career goals, or teachers to attend Association events.

Honor Troupe is awarded to troupes that apply, score based on program events and activities, and present a Spotlight Focus.

Honors SOP

Below is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual for all Honors (Awards, Grants, Scholarships, and Honor Troupe). This document can be printed and added to a hardcopy manual, if desired. Check the date of any hardcopies you have. Below is the most current version.

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