Scholarships for Students

Submission Deadline: December 15

Oregon Thespians offers a growing number of scholarships for current senior students, to help fund their continuing theatre and theatre-related education.

Scholarships are awarded at the State Thespian Festival.  Recipients must be inducted members of the International Thespian Society.

ONE online application can be used to apply for the following Scholarships:

  • OREGON THESPIAN SCHOLARSHIP – Open to all Oregon Thespians

  • MELBA DAY SPARKS MEMORIAL AWARD – Oregon Thespians’ Premiere Scholarship Award

  • ALAN J. ADAMS TECH SCHOLARSHIP – To honor specific interest/achievement in Technical Theatre

  • MICHAEL HIBBARD SCHOLARSHIP – To support Future Theatre Educators

All scholarships are awarded at the Oregon Thespians State Festival. Recipients must be inducted members of the International Thespian Society. To be eligible students must:

  • Be an inducted Thespian;

  • Be a high school senior, living and attending school in Oregon;

  • Fill out the General Application in its entirety, including the high school and college sections; and

  • Complete the supplemental questions asked in the application, including Theatre Experience, Activities Outside of Theatre, Major Accomplishments/Goals in Theatre; and References.

You are encouraged to tailor your Support Materials to fit the focus of the scholarship(s) for which you are applying.

There is no cost or fee associated in submitting a scholarship application.

Additional separate Scholarship Opportunities are provided through EdTA (click here for EdTA scholarship information). If you’re attending the International Thespian Festival in June, consider applying for one of these additional awards, too!


Grants for Students

Submission Deadline: March 2

  • Oregon Thespians is committed to providing financial support to Thespians, Troupes, Junior Thespians, and Junior Troupes through limited grants for event fees.

  • Grants are vetted through a short application and by a committee.

  • Priority is given, but not limited, to students demonstrating need, such as those Thespians attending Title I Schools.


Honor Troupe

Submission Deadline: March 25

The Honor Troupe is recognition of Troupes using criteria and highlighting a Spotlight Focus within the troupe; one troupe is selected to share their Spotlight Focus at State Festival. The Honor Troupe designation recognizes the collective work of your theatre department from productions, to field trips, competitions, fundraising to service work. Earning an Honor Troupe award is a way to recognize and celebrate all the collective accomplishments of the school year. Every troupe can apply to be an Honor Troupe and Honor Troupe awards will be given to all who qualify regardless of size and resources. Troupes organize materials documenting the contributions and accomplishments of their troupe. Then, they present to the Honor Troupe committee at the State Festival with a portfolio and presentation.

Purpose of Honor Troupe

  • Show off the great work your students are doing

  • Further establish and celebrate your pursuit of excellence

  • Urge future students to work hard and keep your troupe strong every year by earning this distinction.

  • Use this important recognition, to advocate for your troupe and school program.

  • Celebrate what you do in your portfolio which becomes an organized record of success, or a teaching tool for future students.

  • Encourage students to do community service work

Application Process

Using a four (4) step application process, troupes can apply for the Honor Troupe designation. The steps are as follows:

  1. Before the state registration deadline, apply online. Our survey assesses your eligibility for Honor Troupe by answering questions about your troupe and school program. If your troupe earns 60 points, it can be recognized as an Honor Troupe. See the Oregon Thespian Website for more information about the point system. If you don’t have enough points, you don’t qualify as an Honor Troupe. If you do, proceed to step two.

  2. Create a portfolio organizing and visually documenting your year. This evidence validates your answer from the survey in step one. It should include: Induction and attendance/involvement records; Production and activity records; Photos and other visual artifacts of troupe’s work; Fundraising and impact records and documentation; Records and descriptions of special community service project

  3. Develop and rehearse a 10 min student presentation: 5 minutes about your portfolio and year and 5 minutes about your Spotlight Focus community service project for the year. The portfolio thoroughly and carefully should describe the project including inspiration, service impact, follow through and student involvement. Students will present to adjudicators on the first day of the State Festival.

  4. Submit your portfolio at registration and present your work.

Additional honors to be recognized, beyond the Honor Troupe designation:

  • Spotlight focus - Presentation on the main stage 

  • Showcase Portfolio - Certificate

  • Showcase Presentation of Portfolio - Certificate