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Volunteer Jobs Board

How can YOU can get more involved with Oregon Thespians? Become part of Team ONEderful Oregon and volunteer for ONE job.

For Troupe Directors interested in running for the State Board, please submit your self-nomination, or nominate others, using this NOMINATION FORM LINK. See SOP for election information. (To be updated by July 1)

Org chart with jobs COMING SOON! (Goal date: July 1)


SOP Links and other Resources via our Google for Nonprofits account COMING SOON! (Goal date: July 1)

Yes, the updated SOPs and Bylaws for Oregon Thespians will be available here soon. (Goal date: July 1).

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One website for all Oregon Thespian schools to share production resources. Add unique items you want to share with others. Search and find items you need for your shows. CLICK HERE FOR SHOW STOP.


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