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Crowd In Theatre

QUICK LINKS: Resources for TDs


Click here to access the News & Notes Archive. Click on the corresponding year to see each week's edition. Troupe Directors must sign in to the provided school name account. For current editions, check Troupe Director email during the school year.


GOVERNANCE DOCUMENTS (including Board Meeting Minutes)

  • Click here to access the current links to all Governance documents.

  • Click here for the Board meeting minutes.

  • Troupe Directors must sign in to the provided schoolname hs or ms at oregonthespians dot org account.


Oregon Thespians Official Ticketing Sponsor

Click here for the Ludus website.

Oregon Thespians SHOW STOP

One website for all Oregon Thespian schools to share production resources. Add unique items you want to share with others. Search and find items you need for your shows. CLICK HERE FOR SHOW STOP.

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